Flint and Ery perform Meteor Bros

"Erygirl and Super-Flint performed a combination attack! Flint jumped off Ery's hands to land an extra powerful punch on Umbra, dealing 1 damage. Erygirl and Super-Flint learned the Acrobatic Duo Skill, allowing the two to perform great feats of agility when teaming up with other allies who share the same skill!"

Acrobatic Duo is a rare dual-player Skill which enables the users to perform exceptional feats of agility when working together.


The Acrobatic Duo skill allows two players to combine their strength and abilities to perform combination attacks. As such, both players must have this skill to function properly.

The results of these moves usually result in heavy damage to an enemy, as it is pulled off with two characters.

As it is a physical skill, characters do not need to charge mana, making this a reliable method of attacking. However, the only users of this skill, Flint and Erygirl, haven't used this skill to its full potential yet, especially as Flint is usually focusing on on defensive maneuvers.

How to learnEdit

Two players can coordinate attacks with eachother that involve physical contact to assist each other in strength and Acrobatics, done enough times and it can be learnt by both players. Pulling off such moves without the skill can be difficult however, and the players that have the skill were lucky to have High morale at the time.

List of CharactersEdit


There appear to be other Skills with effects similar to Acrobatic Duo.

  • Acrobatics allows similar feats to be performed with only one user.


  • When this skill was first learnt, it was used on an enemy with absurdly high defense, and only dealt 1 point of damage as a result.
  • It is not yet known whether player's support levels affect this skill's effectiveness.
  • Meta-Mind has stated that he wishes to learn this Skill at some point. How exactly he would use it is unknown, however, as he primarily focuses on dishing out damage solo.