Atlantis Sword

A blade imbued with the glory and splendor of Atlantis.

The Atlantic Sword is a blade created by purifying the decay in a Blade of Ruin, imbuing the blade with the power of the sunken, destroyed city of Atlantis.



The sword has a bit of a sad beauty to it, reflecting the sad loss of the city it gains power from. The actual sword took a great transformation from its previous form; the rust on the blade is now gone, instead becoming an ancient coating of worn steel. The decay once stored in the handle is now replaced by a crystal, from which the sword gains its Atlantian power.

Effect of UseEdit

This sword always Rusts any metal it hits, as well as Soaking any enemy unit hit.  Additionally, the sword gives small boosts to Water and Light Skills used with the weapon.


Alchemization and CraftingEdit

Blade of Ruin Combination - Holy Water Atlantic Sword
Atlantic Sword Amplification Oceanic Entrencher