Impromptu casting a Barrier over Aeront.

"Great Crystal, bless us with the brilliance of thine divine shield... Barrier!"


The Barrier Spell is a Support Magic Skill first learned by the Resistance in Wave 2


When the Barrier Spell is in use, the caster simply accumulates mana before forming it into a shield around a target. This grants the targeted unit the Barrier status, giving them protection against attacks and allowing them to "soak" a certain amount of damage.

Barrier Spell is a simple spell most player characters can learn, even if they are not magically oriented. It has no additional effects aside from providing a temporary safeguard against attacks. However, powerful attacks have the capacity to pierce through barriers and still deal damage afterwards.

How to LearnEdit

Impromptu first learned this Skill after casting it repeatedly (about 3 times between Wave 1 and Wave 2 ).

Aeront learned Barrier Spell when he grew to Level 2 (after Wave 2). 

Super-Flint learned Barrier Spell when he grew to Level 3 (after Wave 3 ).

List of CharactersEdit

These are the player characters who know the Barrier Spell.


There appear to be other skills with effects similar to Barrier. They include:


  • Due to the Barrier Spell's relatively low mana cost, it is one of several support spells capable of easily being cast on all allies.