Caliburn- the Sword of Assured Victory

The Epic Sword of Light

"A precursor to the sword of a famous English king, who is said to only reemerge in Britian's finest hour. It deals strong damage with each hit and has very powerful affinities for light." - Item Encyclopedia

Caliburn is a rare weapon once belonging to an ancient English king, said in some legends to be a precursor to Excalibur.  It is formed by Amplifying an Enchanted Sword.



Caliburn takes the form of a silver-bladed European longsword, complete with a golden hilt and dark handle.

Effect of UseEdit

Caliburn functions much like any other sword, albeit slightly stronger than most.  Unlike most swords, however, Caliburn will also deal a substantial amount of Light-based damage with each strike.  It has a strong affinity with the element of Light, making Light-based magic easy to channel through the blade.