"A unique magic seal that can be placed on multiple Items at once. When placed on multiple Items, the Items fuse to form one new Item that shares characteristics of all affected Items. The seal then disappears, leaving behind the fused Items. The Combination Seal cannot fail." -Item Encyclopedia

The Combination Seal is one of three known alchemistic seals in Attack on Lololo 4, used to combine multiple Items into one. It is commonly used to combine other Items with weapons, 

Details and EffectsEdit

The Combination Seal employs the use of Alchemy to fuse items together into a single Item that shares the properties of all items it is placed on. The Combinative Alchemy Skill emulates the effects of this Item, sans the guaranteed chance of success.

Seals, at the moment, are not considered rare; they however appear in limited numbers after a Wave ends. 

It is unknown what would happen if a Combination Seal was combined with another seal of the same type, or different ones. 

Alchemization and CraftingEdit

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