Combinative Alchemy
 is a Skill enabling a user to merge two items with Alchemy.


Combinative Alchemy emulates the effect of a Combination Seal, allowing the user to combine multiple items into a single item with the effects of all the items composing it.

Uses (In chronological order)Edit

First Item Second Item Resulting Item
Rusty Sword Spear Rusty Halberd
Wooden Shield Red Ribbon Red Rune Shield
Dagger Gold Coin Gold Dagger
Rusty Halberd Metal Plate Melted slag (BLUNDER)
Rusty Sword Electric Battery Rusty Lightning Rod
Wood Bow Metal Plate Metal Bow
Iron Sword Royal Command Royal Direction
Rusty Sword Dagger

Razor Sword

Kukri Knife Kukri Knife Dual-Edged Machete