Displaced Slash

Dark Meta-Mind was the first users of this skill.

"The user slashes such that, somehow, a tear appears in the fabric of reality in the target's location. This is a method of transferring the attributes of a bladed weapon without using physical damage or close-range combat and is very hard to block or avoid." -Skill Encyclopedia

Displaced Slash is a skill first seen in EX Wave 1 , wielded by enemy Dark Meta-Mind


When using Displaced Slash, the user will slash with their bladed weapon while a distance from the target. This creates a tear in the fabric of reality in the target's location, dealing damage similar to that of the sword that sent the atttack without physically attacking the target.

How to LearnEdit

The only known way to learn Displaced Slash is through level-up. Meta-Mind was the only unit to visibly learn the skill, learning it through level up after defeating Dark Meta-Mind and obtaining the Twilight Blade .

List of UsersEdit

  • Dark Meta-Mind had this skill from the moment he was summoned to fight alongside Umbra .
  • Meta-Mind learned this skill when he grew to Level 3, after EX Wave 1. 


There are other Skills with effects or uses similar to Displaced Slash.

  • Reaper Strike is a Skill that attacks a seemingly intangible object- slashing at the target's life force and draining their HP.
  • Sword Beam actually projects beams of magic energy from the blade, hitting targets from afar while not dealing physical damage. Other members of its family like Skyward Strike and Wave Crescent also do this.