Emotion Manipulation

Emotion Manipulation has been used to Terrify opponents.

"The user has a way with negotiation which makes it easier for him or her to inflict Statuses associated with emotions on enemies." -Skill Encyclopedia

Emotion Manipulation is a manipulative skill first seen in Wave 2, Turn 7, learned by Meta-Mind when he grew to Level 2.


Emotion Manipulation allows the user to manipulate the emotions of enemy units. Although it can be used during negotiation, Emotion Manipulation can also be used to Terrify and Provoke opponents.  In addition, it appears that users of Emotion Manipluation are resistant to effects produced by other users of the Skill.  It is also possible that this Skill could be used in lieu of the Berserker Skill to give oneself the Berserk status, but this has not yet been tested.

How to LearnEdit

Meta-Mind learned this skill when he grew to Level 2 at the end of Wave 2, as he frequently used speech to manipulate opponents.  SBSam and 9Kirby99 also learned this through level-up.

List of UsersEdit

These are the player characters who have this skill.


There appear to be other Skills with effects or uses similar to Emotion Manipulation.


  • This Skill is unusual in that it appears to work differently for each user. Meta-Mind uses a combination of speech and body language to manipulate foes, 9Kirby99 uses speech alone, and SBSam uses magic.