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 "Super-Flint  tried using Eruption Uppercut, a rising uppercut with the fist surrounded by flames. CRITICAL!! The move sent a huge wave of fire at Cirno, incinerating her for 419 damage! KO!!  Cirno was Incapacitated! Flint learned the Eruption Uppercut Skill, allowing him to easily perform flaming rising uppercuts!"

Eruption Uppercut is a physical attacking skill that so far, only Super-Flint has learnt.


"Eruption Uppercut -- An applied form of ????????? where the user surrounds his fist with flames and uppercuts the enemy. While doing this would typically inflict recoil damage, this skill negates that damage, making this a reliable, damaging move."- Skill Encyclopedia

This move is likened to Ken's Shoryuken from Street Fighter, though it is not the same move at all, especially as the user does not jump, contrary to what one may assume. (if used with a jump however it can potentially boost the jumping height)

It only requires a small amount mana for the flames (barely needs charging) to use as it's a physical move, however as with all physical attacks, this attack requires getting in close on the enemy, and Flint being a defensive class doesn't get this chance often.

How to learnEdit

Whereas Flint had to remember the move as opposed to learn it, it is not yet known how other players can use this move.

List of charactersEdit

These are the players that can use Eruption Uppercut