Personal Information


Primary Weapon

  [[Rusty Sword|Rusty Sword]]

First Appearance

  Wave 5

GMario3826 is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He has not yet earned a Title.


GM (Shorthand for his full username) is a Branded from the land of Tellius who found a portal to the Outrealms. He elected to join The Resistance because he felt that whatever friends he found here would treat him better than anyone from his home did. After all, Branded were a crime against nature in his world.

He was raised by a pair of slavekeepers when he was younger, and eventually ran away. During this period he spent some time as a Bard, playing songs and lifting spirits. This seems to have had an effect on his personality, as he is always willing to entertain others. Most of the time it's a secondary motivation, but it's still important to him nonetheless.

Actions Within GameEdit

Since GM has just started, he has done very little but train and look for a new sword. He has been trying to learn more in the way of skills, with some faint success.


Current ItemsEdit


  • GM does not like being called Mario. Keep this in mind.
  • The light blue robe is actually made out of rags. His adoptive parents didn't give him any clothing, and so he just stitched it together. Similarly, he found the grey boots in the trash.
  • He has messy black hair, golden eyes, and wears a light blue robe and grey boots. This is actually his only clothing. He is a Branded, a son of Beorc ("normal" humans) and Laguz (humans with the ability to turn into beasts). All Branded have a mark, and his mark (a star) is under his sleeve, on his left wrist.