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Personal Information


Primary Weapon


First Appearance

  Wave 5

Battle Theme

Tower of Caelum

Galax is a player character in  Attack on Lololo 4. He has not yet earned a Title.


Like as much as I love what I wrote here, it's totally 100% irrelevant to the character development I've put in since I wrote it. Every piece of backstory listed here is more or less no longer true to the tale, and as such this is gonna be a placeholder brick-o-text until I flesh out everything I've changed with everyone.

Random DataEdit

Primary Drive To help others
Secondary Drive To follow his orders
Sidenote Potentially insane
Risk factor


Actions Within GameEdit

So far, Galax has spoken mostly with his fists and feet, earning the Fisticuffs and Low Sweep skills; He has, however, spoken openly to his foes on a few occasions, and has been seen to try and defend allies from incoming damage when they're weak, opting to cover the most damaged when a chance arises. He has also tried to unlock the sealed magic within and set it in to alignment with the Mana all around and within them.

Notable Points of GameEdit






  Okay none of this is relevant right now, I'll redo this later.Edit


Extra TriviaEdit

  • Also fully irrelevant,
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