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"Hahahahahah... of course." Jason slowly rose to his feet, rising one painful inch at a time. "I guess you're right. You've knocked me off my title, and now it's yours. But... you should know by now. I don't die easily. No matter what happens, I don't stop fighting for my beliefs. And I'm not giving it up just yet." -Colonel JasonGuy299, at the final stand against Grand Master Azure in the Third Lololo War.


General JasonGuy299

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  [[Wave EX-1|Wave EX-1]]

General Jasonguy299 is a General, and the apparent leader of the Lololo Guard. The Resistance's entire goal is to stop him & his tyranny.



Notable Actions Within GameEdit

  • His entire ability to function after having betrayed absolutely everything and everyone, fighting his former friends who have allied with strangers against him, and the sheer power and force of his skills should be noted. The man's will is unbreakable.
  • Wave EX-1 - General Jasonguy299 used Crystal Sword Generation to turn thousands of grains of Mystical Pocket Dust into Crystal Swords, which crashed in to Umbra. Umbra was hit 7832 out of 15294 times, losing all of its Barriers and taking 1014953 damage. KO!! Umbra was Incapacitated!
  • Wave EX-2 Courtyard General Jasonguy299 activated his Way of Mind and Sword skill to somehow deflect a sound-based attack.