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Impromptu Sorida


Nurturing Healer



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  [[[Wave 1]|[Wave 1]]]

Battle Theme

Leap the Precipice

Impromptu is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. She is a Level 5 Nurturing Healer, a Title she earned during Wave 6.


Impromptu was born in the Baroque Sanctuary, a fallen kingdom turned into a hub for seafarers and adventurers of all kinds. For most of her life, she studied magics of all kinds- from healing to powerful elemental magic.  She was one of the top mages of her class, but did not graduate before moving to BitF.

Before joining the Resistance, Impromptu had fought under Colonel JasonGuy299 in the Second Lololo War as a powerful magician. An injury she sustained after returning home from the war rendered her unable to pursue magic-based careers; however, she would later take up a job as a medic around the area.

Her career suffered as a result of the increasing taxes in BitF, as most of her patients could not afford treatment or used home remedies for most of their health issues.

The increasing oppression of the forums worried her very much - BitF was once the proud ground for creativity to be nourished, and gradually after the Third War, it had been silenced. When she heard about the rebellion, she decided to head out to do what she could to return life to the forum, and perhaps see what had happened to General JasonGuy299 in the past years that had turned his lively, young heart to what it has become today.

Actions Within GameEdit

Impromptu has very high magical capabilities, but mainly focuses on healing allies and protecting them from damage or negative statuses. She prefers to use the Healing Hands Skill to recover ally HP, or cast Barrier to shield them from most attacks for a limited time. She also has access to the Revitalize Skill, which allows her to recover a single ally of negative statuses with little cost (under normal conditions).

Notable Points of GameEdit

  • During Turn 3 of Wave 3, Impromptu and SBSam cast Healing Hands in unison to heal all allies up to a third of their health and remove all negative statuses. 




  • Impromptu's playstyle has changed greatly since Attack on Lololo 2: The Grand Siege, turning from using powerful offensive magic to becoming a full-time cleric. She may return to some of these abilities later in the game, a la Holy Hand Grenade
  • There is a strange plot-hole where Impromptu appears to have been using the Sage Trident in the Second Lololo War, although in the Third Lololo War, Sora Benedixit had been using the Sage Trident, said to have been passed down in her family. How Impromptu could have obtained the Sage Trident is currently unknown, although it is speculated she had borrowed it.
  • Resistance members Impromptu has been allied with in the past include Super-Flint, 9Kirby99, and Erygirl, visible in a few of their interactions. She was also a good friend of General JasonGuy299.