"If I'm going to fight to regain everything I was before, to regain everything we were before, to regain everything that was before, then so be it!"

"Sorry guys, I can't carry on like this..." -Luigiguy78, falling during Wave 5

The most dangerous status to be in, as it renders the victim completely unable to do anything until the end of the wave. It often incurs rage among teammates, who will often do all they can to make up for the "lost comrade."

Incapacitation removes all other statuses that the player may have, good and bad statuses, and enemies cannot target them unless they have skills specific to performing that action (despite this other players have a tendancy to guard fallen players) Incapacitated players also cannot be healed.

Incapacitation is one of the most dangerous forces in AtoL 4; in most cases, if more team members are Incapacitated than allowed by the conditions for victory, the wave is Failed.

There are only three known ways to revive an Incapacitated player, one of them being the use of a Continuation Gem.

The second was added in the v1.4 Update, where Incapacitated users automatically revive with 1 HP whenever certain significant cutscenes appear. The first example of this was shown during Wave EX 1, when three Incapacitated player characters were revived upon the General's appearance.

The third was added in the v2.0 Update , where Incapacitated users could instantly revive 4 turns after their fall with 1 HP.

How to ObtainEdit

Health Points must drop to 0 by any means available, enemy attacks, self-inflicted attacks, statuses such as Severe Bleeding.