Iron Skin


Skill Information




First Appearance

Wave 4

"Super-Flint learned the Iron Skin Skill, allowing him to boost his own defense to physical defense to very high levels using mana."

Iron Skin is a skill unique to Super-Flint, which came with his title upon the completion of Wave 4.


Iron Skin, as the name implies, uses mana to transform the user's skin into a much more metallic substance.  This drastically drastically increases the user's physical defense, enabling him or her to more easily block or intercept physical attacks.  Whether or not it proves similar resistance to elemental damage is unknown.

How to learnEdit

As Super-Flint learned this Skill through level-up, any other method of learning it is unknown.


  • Although the skill is designed to boost defense, it can also increase damage output when combined with the Fisticuffs Skill.
  • It has also been proven to increase the weight of the user, as Flint activated Iron Skin during a Bros Attack with Erygirl, in which they nearly incapacitated enemy unit Gwen with a single powerful stomp.