Lightspeed Sprint

Lightspeed Sprint

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First Appearance

Wave 4

"Meta-Mind learned the Lightspeed Sprint Skill, allowing him to run at faster speeds with the use of light-based magic!" -Wave 4, Turn 4 Summary

Lightspeed Sprint is a Light-based Skill first learned by Meta-Mind in Wave 4.


The Lightspeed Sprint Skill employs Light energy to enhance the physical ability of the user, drastically increasing the speed at which he or she can move. Contrary to its name, the user does not run at the speed of light. Rather, the user channels the attributes of light in order to run at incredibly high speeds - faster than most normal units - for a limited time. This Skill does not, however, boost the user's reflexes, meaning that any boosts it provides to dodging are minimal.

How to LearnEdit

Units that seem to focus themselves around speed appear to be able to learn Lightspeed Sprint upon Level-up. As no other units aside from Meta-Mind know this skill, level-up is the only currently known method of learning it.  However, as mana can normally be used to boost the user's speed without a dedicated Skill, it seems that doing so will make this Skill easier to learn.


There appear to be several Skills similar in function to Lightspeed Sprint.

  • Godspeed Strike is a priority-boosting Skill which serves only as an attack. 
  • ExtremeSpeed is a priority-boosting skill which enables the user to body-slam a unit at high speeds.