Low Sweep

Low sweep kick

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First Appearance

Wave 6

"Galax learned the Low Sweep Skill, giving him an easy way to Stagger an opponent -- just sweep their legs over with kicks!" -Wave 6, Turn 3 summary

Low Sweep is a Fisticuffs Skill first seen in Wave 6, Turn 3.


Low Sweep is a Technique-type Skill that allows the user to perform low sweeping kicks. This gives the user's attacks with this Skill a very high chance of Staggering the target. It is unknown if these kicks benefit from unarmed combat bonuses such as Fisticuffs.

How to LearnEdit

The only known user of this Skill, Galax, learned it simply through repeated use of sweeping kicks to stagger foes. It can be assumed that any user who would try such techniques would eventually learn this Skill.

List of UsersEdit