A metaphorical representation of Mana Magnet.

A common Skill used by most magic-based fighters. This Skill allows its wielder to more easily charge up Mana, as represented by Statuses such as Charged Magic Circuits, for powerful attacks and spells.

Those who often use Charged Magic Circuits may eventually be able to learn Mana Pools, increasing their ability to charge and store Mana.

Game Over's and Impromptu's Mana Transfer Spell relies very much on this skill, in which the user can transfer the Mana he or she has charged to other members of the Resistance.

Effect of UseEdit

Those who use the Mana Magnet skill tend to become more magic based; however, this skill is helpful for any kind of Mana, whether supporting, destructive, or ampliative. It's a rather basic Skill that can help most players, even those who don't use Mana at all.

How to LearnEdit

Generally, this skill is obtained by attempting to gain Charged Magic Circuits repeatedly, though it is likely possible to learn simply from using Mana at all. For this reason, it is often one of the first three Skills a magic-oriented player learns, if not the first outright.