Meet the Sniper.

RED Sniper is an Australian mercenary from the Reliable Excavation Demolition (R.E.D.) corporation. Appearing in Wave 4, the marksman main weapon is his Sniper Rifle , which allows him to spend a turn Aiming before firing a guaranteed Critical shot the next turn.

On occasion, he will also fire his Submachine Gun, though this usually only deals a small amount of damage.

As an EnemyEdit

One can only assume what RED Sniper would have been like if the Resistance had to fight him; he was recruited on the second turn, and had only spent the first turn Aiming. One could infer, however, that he would utilize his Sniper Rifle in order to deal Criticals to party members, as well as wield his Submachine Gun.

As an AllyEdit

RED Sniper usually spends his turns Aiming his rifle and then dealing criticals to enemies, though he has several other weapons and features.

While never seen in action, one may assume that, if an enemy is attacking at close quarters with the Sniper, he would utilize his Kukri Knife or Tribalman's Shiv.

He also has shown the uncanny ability to create jars of Jarate at will.

Game StatisticsEdit

Max HP 1400



Players or Allies Defeated

(As an Enemy)


Enemies Defeated

(As an Ally)

Criticals 2
Blunders 0


  • Although there is no way to prove it, it may be that RED Sniper would have focused his fire on the likes of Impromptu or Aeront, as they are similar to the Medic and Heavy (respectively), classes which are often prey to the Sniper's headshots.
  • While he may have been recruited on only the second turn, RED Sniper may have been one of the hardest to recruit allies so far; he was unwavered by several recruitment attempts in the first turn, and only budged when Aquinas got a Critical trying to coherse him, and even then, he had to be payed a good sum of money in order to join.
  • RED Sniper is also known to be a rather good archer.