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Amicable Mascot



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  [[Wave 1|Wave 1]]

Battle Theme

The Art of War

Taiwanman0610 is a player character in Attack on Lololo 4. He is a Level 5 Amicable Mascot, a Title he earned after the Resistance defeated Wave 5.


No one knows. He's just a mysterious guy, that Tai.

Actions Within GameEdit

Taiwanman is something of a support specialist. With his Rally and Battle Chant skills he has a variety of ways to raise Morale; his Analysis skill allows him to examine enemy weak spots; and his Charismatic Speech skill is crucial in dealing with Enemy or Ally units. His Unthreatening exterior allows him to blend into the battlefield, giving him a distinct edge and allowing him to dish out valuable support without risking his safety - however, he is prepared to defend himself if needs be - his Pistol (augmented with the Sharpshooter skill), Rusty Sword, and Dagger keep him covered on every front.




  • Taiwanman0610 is usually referred to as "Tai" by his friends. And enemies. And frenemies. Actually, a lot of people call him Tai, seeing as "Taiwanman0610" is an awful lot of syllables.