Taking place ten years after the conclusion of the Second Lololo War , the Third Lololo War was the name of the conflict that occurred the third time an enemy force sought to take down Lololo's walls. Several of the players in Attack on Lololo 4 also participated in this war.


The war featured the 131st Division (led by Colonel JasonGuy299 , who had not yet risen to the position of General) who were poised to defend Lololo from the looming threat before them. While at first they managed to succeed, the battle at some point took a very bad turn. As time progressed, more and more of the warriors fell, and still the enemy loomed. At one point heroes were sacrificing themselves just to keep the castle up.

Grand Master Azure lead the enemy, and once all the champions fell but the Colonel, he came forward to taunt. At this point, around 8 o'clock on October 20th, Colonel JasonGuy299 made his last stand, expecting the end. However just before he was struck down, the fallen heroes of the 131st Division united to unleash Massive Damage, the most powerful attack in Lololo's aresnal.