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  [[Wave EX-1|Wave EX-1]]

Umbra is an extremely powerful entity and a self-proclaimed god of chaos. He faced the Resistance as a Rogue Threat in the latter half of Wave EX-1, and was defeated by General JasonGuy299.


Most of Umbra's early history is unknown.  Originally an average child with the misfortune of being born to an extremely poor family, he learned to steal from an early age, and was eventually successful enough to obtain a pair of functional Clawshots along with a minor education in dark magic.  After taking on the alias "Agent X," he began to steal as a profession, but was repeatedly foiled by his world's version of Meta-Mind.

After some time, Agent X eventually found his way to a Roll to Dodge round hosted by Quadriby.  There, he used superior tactics, a hunger for power, and a bit of luck - starting with the purging of his inner Light, which had formerly kept his ego in check - to quickly dominate the competition, absorbing opponent after opponent using claws of shadow and boosting his own power with each foe he absorbed.  Finally, an alternate JasonGuy299 and Aeront were forced to join forces to combat the now-power-mad Umbra... only to fail, leaving Aeront drained of most of his power and the alternate Jason absorbed into Umbra's essence.

Having dominated every opponent set before him, the former Agent X - now calling himself Umbra - proceeded to use his now-vast power to spread himself wide in many dimensions, reaching tendrils of himself into multiple worlds at once and spreading chaos.  One of the locations chosen was Castle Lololo, where he quickly found and attacked the burgeoning resistance.  However, after the anchor keeping him rooted inside Lololo was defeated and killed by Meta-Mind, he was easily defeated by General JasonGuy299.

Actions Within GameEdit

Wave EX-1Edit

  • Turn 4 - Umbra sacrificed exactly 1000 HP to gain Overflowing Magic Circuits, then unleashed the mana as a huge wave of chaotic energy. CRITICAL!! The wave swept over the resistance, obliterating all in its path! Aeront lost his Barrier and took 719 damage, Impromptu took 992 damage, War P. Anda lost his Barrier and took 847 damage, 9kirby99 lost his Barrier and took 808 damage, RavThunderbird lost his Barrier and took 860 damage, SBSam took 987 damage, Yami no Kaabii lost her Barrier and took 836 damage, and gamer2332 took 992 damage! KO!! SBSam was Incapacitated! Morale decreased by 26.
  • Turn 5 - Umbra used Shadow Claw, extending a hand of chaos in an attempt to swallow SBSam's body. However, Aeront's Sanctuary Spell negated the attack. Morale increased by 7.
  • Turn 6 - Umbra used Shadow Claw once more, targeting SBSam's body. War P. Anda and Waddle Doo saw it coming and dashed forward to intercept the attack with a swing of the Pop-O-Matic Vrillyhoo Hammer and Cycle Beam. The Pop-O-Matic Vrillyhoo Hammer successfully 8onked the Shadow Claw, but did not stop it. The extra effect of "Sick Fires" was rolled, sending flames at the Shadow Claw. The Cycle beam then capped it off and successfully caused the Shadow Claw to dissipate. Nice work! Morale increased by 9.
  • Turn 7 - Umbra sacrificed 1000 HP of its HP to gain Overflowing Magic Circuits before unleashing a more concentrated beam of chaotic energy, travelling so fast that neither War P. Anda nor Waddle Doo could hope to intercept it. CRITICAL!! Zelos Wilder lost both of his Barriers and took 1276 damage, even with guarding with Captain America's Shield! KO!! Zelos Wilder was Incapacitated! Morale decreased by 24.
  • Turn 8 - Umbra sacrificed 1000 HP to gain Overflowing Magic Circuits, then used it all to fire a concentrated beam of chaotic energy at War P. Anda. CRITICAL!! Mirkwood579's Reflect Spell was shattered! War P. Anda took 1874 damage! KO!! War P. Anda was Incapacitated! Morale decreased by 20.
  • Turn 9 - Umbra used Shadow Spear, forming a spear out of chaotic energy to thrust at one of the resistance. BLUNDER!! The spear embedded itself in Umbra for some reason, dealing 312 damage! Umbra's Shadow Aura healed him by 498 HP. Morale increased by 6.
  • Turn 10 - Umbra used Darksense, bombarding st0pnsw0p with mental waves of chaos. As the attack bypasses all physical defenses, st0pnsw0p took 1074 damage, and Umbra healed 1610 HP. Umbra's Shadow Aura healed Umbra by another 499 HP.
  • Turn 11 - Umbra intensified the power of its Shadow Aura. The Shadow Aura formed 5 layers of Barriers while healing Umbra for 787 HP. It also granted him the Extra Turn Status. The Shadow Aura was Disabled afterward. Morale decreased by 8.



  • Due to the fact that his world's Meta-Mind repeatedly foiled his attempts to steal professionally, Umbra seems to enjoy toying with the Meta-Mind of the Attack on Lololo universe.
  • While in Castle Lololo, the level of power that Umbra can safely use is directly proportional to the strength of the "anchor" keeping him in place. Sentient anchors usually have more strength, but anchors with free will can lower their effective power by resisting Umbra's influence.