A mysterious blade with a checkered past, the Wind Edge is a deadly weapon with great potential. He who wields the blade is said to have complete control of wind, though the sword doesn't currently seem to work in quite that way. It seems that the weapon's power and shape changes with the one who wields it.



It is known that the sword was originally owned by Aeront, but he didn't enter the Fourth Lololo War with it. Additionally, when the sword did show up again, he decided not to wield it.

The sword appeared as the prize for Acing Wave 4. The sword came into the posession of Luigiguy78 when he was revived in Wave 5, where it helped him and taught him that he needed the help of his teammates to succeed. The sword has been in Luigiguy's arsenal ever since.


Aeront noted when he saw Luigiguy wielding the sword that its form changes depending on who wields it, how they use it, and the purpose its used for. Currently, it is a one-handed, double-edged longsword with a relatively simple handle and design. The blade is almost always coated in a small tornado of green wind.  

Effect of UseEdit

The user of the Wind Edge can use the sword to manipulate Wind with ease, calling on his own mana to fuel the process.  This makes it substantially easier for the user to use and learn Wind-based Skills or Spells.

Similar ItemsEdit

At present, no known items are substantially similar to the Wind Edge.


  • Despite popular belief, the sword is not in fact from the Fire Emblem series; it's just called the same.